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Value is King

Did you know that the average daily time spent on social is 116 minutes a day?!

That’s crazy.

That’s 812 minutes a week and more than a MONTH’s time in a year.

Reality check.

So, how are you using social media if you’re a real estate agent? Are you a part of these statistics or are you LEVERAGING these statistics to help grow your business?

Here are five common mistakes that real estate agents make on social media.

1. Just Listed! Sold! Open House! Just Listed! Pending! Sold! Call me for free consultation!

Sell, sell, sell, sell, me, me, me. Banner, banner, banner. That’s what I see.

We get it, you’re crushing it in real estate and are active in the business.

It’s great to show people you’re in real estate and actively working just like anyone else, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you should be posting. When you’re a real estate agent, your clients are buying YOU as a PERSON. Not the last home you sell.

Why it’s a mistake:

• You’re not providing any value to your followers.

• It doesn’t connect with anyone.

• You’re not building your brand. You’re selling.

What you can do:

• Still, promote your sales!

• Try telling a story (because we know every transaction isn’t smooth).

• Think outside of the box with how you promote your new business.

2. You have someone else doing it all for you

You’re a busy real estate agent, we get it. But that doesn’t mean you should be neglecting one of your most powerful marketing avenues.

Again, people are buying you and creating a brand on social media that is authentic will only help connect you to your past and future clients.

Why it’s a mistake:

• It’s easily spotted when someone is managing someone else’s business accounts.

• It’s not your voice that’s posting, it’s usually broad or off. People buy you.

What you can do:

• You can still have someone help you. Just give them different tasks like curating content, creating content for you, scheduling it, etc. BUT, you should be the one that posts it. Maybe, it’s just the strategy you need help with.

3. You’re not engaging with others

Again, you’re a busy real estate agent hustling homes writing contracts, we get it. This should really be the number one mistake as it’s the most important thing you need to be doing if you want to build your social sphere of influence,

As a marketer, you need to be going to where your clients attention is. The fact of the matter, it’s likely on Social Media. It’s easy to connect with them, it’s approachable, it’s organic. Try “making your touches” online next time you think about picking up the phone to connect with your sphere.

Why it’s a mistake:

• It doesn’t help you be seen.

• Todays attention is on social media - that’s where we need to be too as marketers/salespeople.

• It’s a great way to grow your “social sphere.”

What you can do:

• Time block 20 minutes a day to connect with your past, current, and potential clients on social media.

• Start making your touches on social media and see how fast you get a response back (vs. e-mail/phone call).

• Actively seek new people to connect and engage with on social media (people, groups, etc).

4. You’re not creating any user-generated content

User-generated content is simply content created by the marketer/brand. In this case - content created by YOU (the realtor).

Content created can include intentional photos, blogs, mini blogs and videos.

Again - I say this again, people connect with you as a person. They want to see you on social media.

Not the stock image.

Not the corny graphic that you found online.

Something that is in line with your brand.

As realtors, we are our own company. We are entrepreneurs. We need to be TREATING ourself like it. How would Amazon market themselves? Do you think they’d take a stock quote off of google and post that? Didn’t think so.

Why it’s a mistake:

• User-generated content positions you as an authority in the industry (Blogging).

• User-generated content shows that you care about your brand and you’re taking the time to market it like the year we’re living in.

• User-generated content connects better with your customers.

What you can do:

• Use websites like Medium or LinkedIn or Facebook Notes to start blogging.

• Schedule quarterly photoshoots that allow you to have a “bank” of content that you can use and post in a variety of different ways.

• Push yourself outside of your comfort zone for creating content! Create a marketing plan around it and stick to it.

5. You’re not taking it seriously

Think of your favorite companies or brands. How are they marketing themselves?

Now think of your brand. Are you marketing yourself similar to them?

Guys - we need to be thinking of our real estate business as a BUSINESS. Most businesses are taking social media marketing seriously and so do we.

The numbers don’t lie and the fact that there are 3billion+ active social media users should give you some motivation.

The real fact is that your customers are likely here too.

Why it’s a mistake:

• Your customers are actually using this platform (and you are too).

• You’re missing out on a lot of attention.

What you can do:

• Start. Create a marketing strategy around social media and stick to it. If you don’t have any help or much capacity, start sharing your favorite articles and front-load some energy to learn the tools.

In conclusion...

All in all, it is possible to fix these mistakes. With a little bit of work, you can start owning your market and leveraging social media to help grow your real estate business!

Thank you for reading!

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